Are your photos important?

Our photos are very important to us, in many different ways. When our photos are a mess, whether tossed into a box or tucked into albums without rhyme or reason, we aren't caring for them.

What would it mean to you to find photos to warm your heart or take you on a walk down memory lane?

In Managing Your Memories...

You will be able to identify HOW you use your photos

You will learn the best way to store your photos, based on how you use them

You will receive recommendations - with links - on what and where to buy your supplies

You will learn how to coordinate the organizing systems for both paper and digital photos

You will learn how to name and sort your photos

You will learn how to identify the photos you no longer need to keep

You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to organize your photos

You will receive support and encouragement from the Managing Your Memories Facebook Group

You will be offered the grace to work at your own pace, with recommendations for taking them a little at a time

Are you ready to take control of your photos?

Let's get started!